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Porcelain tiles under the brand KERAMO ROSSO are produced using modern equipment supplied by the best Italian and German manufacturers. The production capacity of the factory is 1.5 million square meters per year. The Italian equipment, carefully selected raw materials from the best European manufacturers, but also by the professionalism of the employees of the company, proved by certification of quality management system according to ISO 9001-2011, determines the high quality of the porcelain tiles.

"Ispan-Lux" SRL is a dynamic and modern company, which in order to prove the spirit of innovation and professionalism launched on Moldovian market the first factory that produces porcelain tiles. In 2014 our company took over the factory SANTEK, which was producing tiles in the past. Convenient access to roads, well-coordinated work of highly professional Italian specialists, as well as massive investments in the technical equipment of the plant, allowed launching modern production of porcelain tiles under the KERAMO ROSSO trademark in a short period.

KERAMO ROSSO products comply with all harmonized technical specifications. The certifications of KERAMO ROSSO products attest to the fact that all technical requirements (flatness, dimensional deviations, resistance to thermal shocks and abrasion, resistance to chemical agents) are
compliant with the standardized values ​​at internal level (Certificate of Conformity) as well as the European one ( EN 14411).

Currently, the production of KERAMO ROSSO porcelain tiles is done on one production line. KERAMO ROSSO glazed porcelain tiles are produced with the following sizes 300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 200mmx600mm and 600mmx600mm. Regarding the design of porcelain tiles, the company reliably reproduces the most popular and expensive natural facing materials: natural marble, stone, wood, which opens up unlimited possibilities for architects and designers in transposing their ideas and allowing us to simulate any material with a high degree of detail on the surface of porcelain tiles. All collections of porcelain tiles are developed and realized using digital printing technology, which allows reproducing textures of various natural and artificial materials in photographic quality and with maximum reliability

The range of application of KERAMO ROSSO porcelain tiles is incredibly wide. Porcelain tiles are suitable for interior decoration, as well as for external work and can be used for places with a large flow of people, for interior decoration of walls and floors, to create ventilated facades, etc. The porcelain tiles KERAMO ROSSO are defined through a high resistance to water, heat, sound, chemicals, shock, long service life and a pleasant appearance.

The company has an accredited laboratory, where all the determinations required by the European standard in the field of ceramic tiles can be performed.


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