About us

ICS “Ispan-Lux” SRL is a dynamic and modern company, which in order to prove the spirit of innovation and professionalism launched on Moldovian market the first factory that produces porcelain tiles. In 2014 the company “Ispan-Lux” took over the factory tiles SANTEK.The massive investments in new technologies, but also in human resources allowed in a short period of time to start the process of producing of porcelain tiles.

The porcelain tiles , manufactured by Ispan-Lux and merchandised under the brand KERAMOROSSO, distinguish through the special quality, determined by the Italian equipment, Spanish tradition and the professionalism of the employees of the company. Moreover, the company is certificated according to national and international standarts, the certificate ISO 9001-2011.The attention for the details starts in the moment of the selection of raw materials, which come from the best known European producers.

The products KERAMOROSSO comply all the technical specifications. The certifications given to KERAMOROSSO attest the fact that all the technical requirements (flatness, dimessional deviations, resistance to thermal shock, resistance to abrasion and chemicals) come into accordance with the national (Conformity Certificate) values as well as with the international (EN 14411) ones.

At preseent, in Taraclia (Republic of Molodva), the production of the porcelain tiles under the brand KERAMOROSSO is realized on one manufacturing line. As the company is at the beginng, ICS ,,Ispan-Lux” produces porcelain tiles with the size 300 mm x 300 mm, 300 mm x 600 mm, 200 mm x 600 mm but, as soon as possible, the company will produce tiles with the sizes 150mmx600mm and 450mmx450mm.The utilization of a modern printer, allowed the production of a wide range of designs and colours, and multiple types of finishes ( matte, glossy, satin) and textures ( smoth, rustic, relief or modern).

The collections KERAMOROSSO of porcelain tiles can be used for the interior walls and floors, but it can also be used for the exterior ones according to the technical specifications. The porcelain tiles KERAMOROSSO are defined through a high resistance to water, heat, sound, chemicals, shock, etc.

The company has an accredited laboratory, where all the determinations required by the European standarts in the domain of porcelain tiles are made.